Lola knows that keeping things simple makes the biggest impact. We get the biggest kick out of helping you tell your story to the world through well crafted words, cool imagery, and uniquely designed color palettes.

Storytelling. Design. Hiking. Color. Imagery. Wordplay. Layout. Logic. Navigation. Kayaking. Animation. Tutorials. Short Videos. Research. Adventure Traveling. SEO. Documentaries.

Whatever your design or online presence needs are - We're on it. 

Why are our clients always referring us to others?

Well, we like to think it boils down to the natural by-product of clients who are really happy working with Lola and with their end products, our enormous appreciation of them, being proud of every single project we put our name on, and putting ourselves in their shoes.  According to our clients, it's things like:  impeccable attention to detail, great listening skills and asking all the important questions, on-going communication and updates, patience, artistic excellence balanced with smooth navigation and functionality, our pride in making your design current & relevant in today's online marketplace, amazingly affordable prices , or as we like to say ... a big bang for your buck !



Websites by Lola: Just Getting Started? Not so Happy With Your Existing Site? We Love Creating New Sites & Transforming Existing Ones to Look Current, Distinctive, and Highly Relevant

Wow, amazing how many people have outdated sites or sites they aren't happy with.  And we get it.  Because first impressions are powerful.  And web designs do go out of style just as everything does. And an outdated looking site is exactly the impression that could drive your customers/clients elsewhere.  We live in a mobile, handheld world these days, so your site should definitely be responsive, making it automatically look and function GREAT on smaller devices.

Responsive | Mobile Compatible Sites are Paramount Today

All of our Wordpress platforms are Responsive and auto-adjust your page layouts to look great on ANY screen size. Time to assess how the majority of people are seeing your site.  On mobile devices, if you're having to use your touchscreen and zoom in to see your site's content, it's highly likely that you're losing some customers. Remember, once people get used to something, they come to expect it. Visitors expect your site to be mobile friendly. Period. Plus, you won't be getting the attention from search engines that you should be. Those spiders & bots know who's up to date and who's not !

eCommerce Stores - Whether You Sell Online, on Social Media, In-Store, or Out of the Trunk of Your Car - We've Got You Covered With an Awesome eCommerce Unified Platform that Will Streamline Everything & Simplify Your Life

Are you in the business of selling products ?  We've got you covered with an awesome eCommerce platform.  It’s never been easier. We mean it. Your eCommerce site will handle everything from marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping. Fulfill orders in a single step. Track sales and growth trends. Now you can focus on the things you love. Like we do right here at Happygolola !

We Build It. You Wield It. A simple Tutorial and You'll be on Your Way, WebMaster ! Easy Peasy. You'll Love it.

While we're always there to support you after your site build (to make edits for you or add additional pages as needed) we build Wordpress CMS sites (content management systems) because we love empowering you to fully self- edit & manage your site if you want.

75% of visitors judge your business based on your website’s design.  Now that's something to pay attention to.

SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) The Tricks of the Trade + Advanced SEO Marketing. Are You Being Discovered Online?

Your site build includes all the organic search settings that are native to Wordpress. We'll discuss your priorities and make sure you get the best SEO possible for your your particular budget.  Advanced SEO can also be provided if desired.

Videos for Web. Greet, Entertain, Explain, Teach, etc.

Who doesn't like seeing short videos online these days?  Nobody. Righto.  That's why at Lola we're creating more and more videos for our clients these days. Yep, videos are here to stay.  By 2019, it has been predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will be to videos. We offer video production packages for websites that are probably more affordable than you may think. Professional, animated, explainer, or tutorials.  Smile, you're on candid camera !

Using Your Site as a Marketing Tool

So many cool tools that can be integrated with your site for online marketing. All we need to know is what your objectives are and we'll give you some great options.  Maybe you're wanting to capture leads? Maybe you want to build your blog as a valuable way to gain exposure?  List builders, scroll boxes, and much more.

Graphic Design | Logos | Branding

Here at Lola we know that great branding and great logos go hand-in-hand with web design.  If there's something that you need to bring the whole website project together, we're on it for you.

Social Media

Hard to believe that no so long ago there was a world without social media! It may wear some of us out being so connected, but what a ginormous blessing it is for spreading the word around when one has marketing needs. If it's a significantly successful medium for getting elected president of the U.S., it's probably something to pay attention to !  We have a fabulous partner who specializes in social media marketing.