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While my personality and artistic approach to design render creative custom websites that make one’s story and content come alive in both style & function, I have a personal philosophy and lifestyle that focuses on simplicity – which translates into exceptional work at more affordable prices for you.  Simply wonderful all the way around !

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Starting a new venture? Website lacking what you need? Looking drab or outdated? Not responsive for mobile devices like it should be? Need higher SEO ranking? We love chatting about this stuff! (client video sample stage right)   


Why Lola?

Here's a quick overview. Our services page will give you the full scoop.

Great Website Design: Not Happy With Your Current Site?

Wow, is this a common problem. And first impressions are powerful.  Is your site responsive and effectively doing its job?

E-Commerce Websites: Simplify & Streamline Sales

Are you selling products?  We have an awesome unified platform for eCommerce clients. Streamline & simplify. Smart business.

Social Media: What Will Work for You?

Are you Social Media Savvy?  It can make a huge difference.  But figuring out what's realistic for you is the first step.

Update Your Site Yourself. Yep. We Make it Easy for You.

A simple tutorial and you'll be on your way, WebMaster !  Easy Peasy. You'll love it.  We're always here for support as well !

Videos for Websites: Videos Work.

Who doesn't like seeing short videos online these days? Nobody, right?  That's why videos work & the stats prove it.  See our video options.

Logos | Branding | Graphic Design

What does an apple have to do with a computer or technology?  Never underestimate the power of your brand. Great ideas at Lola.

SEO. Are You Being Discovered on Web Searches?

We'll help you better understand SEO and assess your needs and goals based on your online marketing strategy.

Responsive Sites | Mobile Compatible

On mobile devices, if you're having to use your touchscreen and zoom in to see your site's content, it's highly likely that you're losing some customers.

Using Your Site as a Marketing Tool: Some cool stuff.

So many cool tools that can be integrated with your site for online marketing. All we need to know is what your objectives are and we'll give you some great options.


more detailed info

'Cause shouldn't work and fun be synonymous?  We think so. 

Hello! Meet Karole Sessums. Web designer/developer, pilgrim, explorer & creative director of The Lola Agency and Why Lola over another agency – or even a stab trying to build a site yourself?  A whole lot, actually. Building websites is sort of like pole vaulting. It looks pretty simple, right? But it’s pretty obvious by scanning the web, that not all websites are equal. Your website is sooooo important and the window into your world.  It’s your story. Your brand. Your message. Your ad.  And it’s accessible to the whole world.  Bringing all of this together in an engaging and stunning way is what makes Lola so fun to work with !  We know design. We know UX (user experience). This is pure happiness to us.  And that’s sort of contagious ! Get Happy. Go Lola.  Loving what we do.  Doing what we love.  Welcome to Lola.